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Madotate – Download – How to Add a 3D Desktop With BumpTop


Windows has always stuck by a flat, two-dimensional desktop throughout its history. However, you can 3d desktop windows 10 free a much more visually appealing 3D desktop to Windows with BumpTop. BumpTop is open-source software acquired by Google that turns the desktop into 3d desktop windows 10 free 3D room with a top-down perspective.

Installing and launching BumpTop will add its 3D desktop to Windows. Furthermore, the software weighs in at a relatively lightweight You can download and install BumpTop as follows.

That desktop is a 3D room with three walls and a floor. You can double-click those icons to open their software packages just like you usually would on the regular 2D 3d desktop windows 10 free. To add handy note reminders, right-click anywhere within the desktop and select Sticky Note приведенная ссылка the circular menu.

Then enter some text in the yellow note that appears, and click outside the notifier to save changes. BumpTop has six other widget options. Right-click somewhere on the 3D desktop and select the Widgets option shown directly below. Then you can select to add photo frame, Send to printer, new email, Facebook, file sharing, and Twitter widgets to your desktop.

To add a photo to the desktop, select the Local Directory or Image File radio button on that window. Then click the ellipsis button to choose an image to add, and press the OK button.

BumpTool has some handy desktop organization options. It enables you to set up icon piles and grids. Piling icons enables you to stack them according to type or time.

The Grid option neatly organizes a selection of icons into a grid. To pile some icons, select one icon to include. Then hold the Ctrl key to select multiple icons. Choose either the Pile by Type or Pile by Time options. Then нажмите сюда selected icons will be piled as in the snapshot directly below. You can remove a 3d desktop windows 10 free by right-clicking it and selecting Break Pile. You can set up a grid much the same. Select multiple icons on the desktop with the Ctrl key.

Then right-click a selected icon to choose the Grid option. BumpTop has a few different room theme settings for you to choose from. Click the Themes tab within that window. Select an alternative theme on 3d desktop windows 10 free Приведу ссылку Pack drop-down menu. Choose a different image, and press the Open button. If you want the floor to include the wallpaper from your regular desktop, select the Use my Windows background as the floor checkbox.

Click Apply to save all your theme changes. You can customize the desktop shortcuts in BumpTops by resizing them, changing their icons, and adjusting alignment. To resize an icon, right-click it with the mouse to select either the Grow or Shrink options for it.

To change an icon, right-click a desktop item and select More. Select the Change icon option. Choose a different icon in the file navigation window, and press the Open button. Select the Icons and Physics tab in the snapshot directly below. The Icon Alignment bar there enables you to activate free-form icon rotation.

With that option applied, you can fully rotate icons with the mouse. Left-click an icon and на этой странице the left mouse button to rotate it. You can also select an Enable tossing to Widget and Piles checkbox there. Selecting that option enables you to 3d desktop windows 10 free shortcut icons across the 3D desktop room by left-clicking them and quickly releasing the mouse button.

Click Apply after changing any options on the Icons and Physics tab. BumpTop adds an exciting new dimension to the Windows desktop, along with some handy icon features and widgets. Who knows, maybe one day it might inspire Microsoft to release a Windows 3D platform with a similar three-dimensional desktop experience.

Google has already shown a great deal of interest in the BumpTop project as a potential blueprint for a 3D Android OS. For now, however, you can see 3d desktop windows 10 free 3D Windows could be like with BumpTop.

Want to know more? Here is how you can transform Windows 11 and 10 with BumpTop. Open the BumpTop website. Double-click the BumpTopWindows-v2. Click Next to select I accept the agreement.


Add 3D to your world with Windows 10.Add 3D to your world with Windows 10


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