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Looking for Batman video games that you can play on your home PC? Batman: The Telltale Series is a roleplaying game, where you as the player gets the honor of creating their your own Batman story.

They have control читать далее what You have control over what Batman and all supporting characters in the story say and do as The Batman fights to protect Gotham from new, rising villains that threaten to overtake the city. This means that, читать статью, the outcome of the story is up to the gamer. Batman: The Enemy Within is a sequel, roleplaying game that continues the telltale adventures wiindows Batman. The player, again, has control over the outcome of the story.

The infamous Amanda Waller batman game for windows 10 introduced in this telltale adventure, and Batman and Gordon must form an uneasy alliance with her to track down The Детальнее на этой странице. Batman will, also, find an ally in Catwoman.

DC Universe Online is a multiplayer action game. The story starts off with a future Lex Luthor warning a present-day Superman, Batman, batman game for windows 10 Wonder Woman about the upcoming war between heroes and villains, batman game for windows 10 war that will be set in motion by Brainiac. The player creates their own character for the game, either a superhero or a supervillain. As their character, they will have the opportunity to work with various Jfrog artifactory for windows heroes or villains, depending on the type of fro they ps2 emulator for windows 10 for themselves.

Are you a hero, or are you a villain? Choose wisely. Humanity’s future is in your hands. Wibdows your batman game for windows 10, get geared up, and be prepared to bring your A-game to this fight. Injustice 2 is a fighting game and a direct sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The story for this game picks up 5 batman game for windows 10 after Dark-Superman has been defeated by Prime-Superman. Alternate-Batman must work with other superheroes, to restore freedom to a world that was previously ruled by a Kryptonian iron-fist. As with its predecessor, in this game, you get to play various characters and face-off against different opponents, once again pitting former superheroes and Insurgence fighters against each other. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game that introduces a much darker, alternate Earth.

In this reality, Superman has become an evil dictator, ruling over humans, instead of protecting them. Unable to cope with her loss, Superman went batman game for windows 10 and killed The Joker.

Now, several years later, the Batman of this dark world must читать больше with the Justice League from the prime universe to defeat a warlord Superman and their equally ruthless counterparts. This game includes hand-to-hand combat matches between various DC characters, leading to the final fight between Prime-Superman and Dark-Superman.

Is mercy a possibility this time, or is death the only option for defeating a ruthless Superman? Batman: Arkham Batman game for windows 10 is an interactive, virtual reality action and adventure game. This game is in the first-person perspective, instead of the standard third-person. Also, there are no combat situations with this game.

Instead, the player is a true detective, as Batman, must follow the clues, while he works to solve the mystery that has been laid out before him by The Riddler. As Batman, the player will have to rely on their own wits and cunning, and less on their physical prowess, to defeat their opponent. Riddle посетить страницу источник this, are you as smart as The Bat himself? You’ll have to be to defeat The Riddler. Batman: Arkham Origins is an action and adventure prequel in the Arkham series.

The story for this game takes place several years prior to Arkham Asylum. This marks the first encounter between Batman and some of his most dangerous foes, including his archenemy, The Joker and the villain, Deathstroke. It introduces Batman to James Gordon for the first time, with the latter being uncertain as to whether or not Batman is a criminal himself.

Character playing options are limited for this game, since the gamer can only play as Batman. The ultimate task is to track down and defeat Batman game for windows 10 Joker before he destroys all of Gotham, using bombs that he has planted throughout the city. Batman: Arkham Knight is a full-on action and adventure sequel in the Arkham series. Batman game for windows 10 story for this barman picks-up one year after the events of Arkham City. On top of that, there is a new mystery villain on the rise, calling himself the Arkham Batman game for windows 10.

This heart-pounding sequel gives the gamer the freedom to play both hero and villain, as there are many more character playing options to choose from than in the previous Arkham games. Also, ready batan this? As an added bonus, the player can drive the batmobile in and around Gotham City. Batman: Arkham Asylum batmna an action and adventure game. The story takes place several years after the events of the prequel, Arkham Origins.

This time, The Joker has taken over the asylum. As Batman, the player must stop the clown before he carries out his plan to create an army of Titan-enhanced super-soldiers that he will use to take over Gotham City. Character playing options are a little less limited in this game, than in Arkham Origins, but not by much.

The gamer can only play bbatman Batman in the main storyline. Boss-fights in this game include face-offs with Bane and Scarecrow, just to name two, as well as the ultimate fight between Batman, and a Titan-enhanced Joker. Batman: Arkham City is an action and adventure game that serves as a direct sequel to Arkham Asylum. This time, The Joker infects Batman with his own poisoned tame. Worst yet, The Joker reveals that he has distributed his bad blood throughout Gotham City.

In addition, Batman must solve the mystery of Protocol: 10, a secret plan that the villainous Dr. Hugo Strange has /26835.txt into motion.

There are more ways to get around, as the game provides a much broader terrain to explore and investigate than the more confined Arkham Asylum.

The character play is more widespread this time, allowing batmqn gamer to play as characters other than The Batman. The player even gets the added privilege of playing as Catwoman in her own side-missions. The Joker just wanted to share a part of himself with his old foe. Skip to main content. Level up.

Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 16 Dec am. Batman’s face when he’s happy, sad, angry, patiently waiting in line for his morning danish.

BY: Amil B. More on this topic: batman. When it comes to fictional writing, I have some pretty sharp teeth, as anyone who knows me well enough will tell you, but don’t worry, I don’t bite.

Gamer Since: Batman and Catwoman; Allies or Not? In Batman: The Telltale Series, you’ll get to decide whether Batman sees Catwoman as a possible, future ally or just another criminal to be taken down.

Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Batman must put a stop btaman it. Based on the story from the praised graphic novel, The Killing Joke is haunting and So many LEGO games, so little time. Which windoqs the let downs and which are a sure win? Here batman game for windows 10 the адрес 10 best LEGO games you can get the most fun out of your buck.

Batman: Arkham Batman game for windows 10 Villains Revealed. Get To Know All 9 of Them. DC Comics is known for its aindows bad guys. Lex Luthor challenges Superman in Metropolis. Black Manta terrorizes Aquaman in Atlantis. However, no villains list can ever top that of Batman’s. Thanks to pop culture media, Batman Batman takes on the iconic Predator in a battle where one is the batman game for windows 10, and the other is prey.

Which is which? Batman Powers And Abilities Batman geared and ready for combat Who is the Better Batman? Christian Bale or Ben Affleck? Who wins the Cowl? Right or left? Sugar or spice? Marvel or DC? The world is full of choices packed with arguments for one batman game for windows 10 or the other. Who посмотреть еще the winsows Batman? Who was the better Bruce


Batman: Arkham Asylum download free for Windows 10 64/32 bit


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