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Step 2: Download a Linux system from the Windows store. Step 3: Run Linux inside Windows


Bash shell for windows 10. How to Use Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10

The system will then take a few minutes to install Ubuntu in the command prompt window. OnePlus 10T. People had to install the Windows 10 technical preview to install Linux on Windows Windows 10 will remain safe and secure.


How to Use Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10.


We will answer Y. Linux distributions can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store like below. We can access Microsoft Store from start menu with Microsoft Store keyword.

We will write linux to the search box and search. Alternatively, if we are looking for a specific Linux. The search results for the Linux container will be listed below. The following information also provided with the search results.

In this example, we will select the Ubuntu image with the latest version. Ubuntu During the download, the download status will be shown in the header like below. We can see that the Ubuntu image is about MB and downloaded very fast.

When the download is complete we can launch Ubuntu container from the Microsoft Store from the Launch button like below. We will see the following bash shell where it is initialized for the first run.

This popular Linux distribution was previously the only option available, but other Linux systems are now available for people who have more specific needs. You can even run multiple different Linux distributions at a time in different windows. You now have a full command-line bash shell based on Ubuntu, or whatever other Linux distribution you installed.

To open the Linux environment you installed, just open the Start menu and search for whatever distribution you installed. For example, if you installed Ubuntu, launch the Ubuntu shortcut. You can launch your installed Linux environment by running the wsl command. If you have multiple Linux distributions installed, you can choose the default Linux environment this command launches.

If you have Ubuntu installed, you can also run the ubuntu command to install it. You can still launch your default Linux environment by running the bash command, but Microsoft says this is deprecated.

This means the bash command may stop functioning in the future. On Ubuntu, you need to prefix a command with sudo to run it with root permissions. Be sure to prefix these commands with sudo , which makes them run as root—the Linux equivalent of Administrator. If you installed a SUSE Linux distribution, you can use the zypper command to install software instead.

If you want a more accurate Ubuntu experience on Windows 10, you can also install the Ubuntu fonts and enable them in the terminal. Open the downloaded. This is the Ubuntu monospace font, which is the only one used in the terminal.

Name the new value Software you install in the Bash shell is restricted to the Bash shell. You can access these programs from the Command Prompt, PowerShell, or elsewhere in Windows, but only if you run the bash -c command. We select and review products independently.

When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. Learn more. Windows ». What Is svchost. Best Cloud Gaming Services. Best Cloud Storage Services. If you run into an issue during the install process, check the installation section of the troubleshooting guide.

To install a Linux distribution that is not listed as available, you can import any Linux distribution using a TAR file. Or in some cases, as with Arch Linux , you can install using an. You can also create your own custom Linux distribution to use with WSL.

Once you have installed WSL, you will need to create a user account and password for your newly installed Linux distribution.

See the Best practices for setting up a WSL development environment guide to learn more. We recommend following our Best practices for setting up a WSL development environment guide for a step-by-step walk-through of how to set up a user name and password for your installed Linux distribution s , using basic WSL commands, installing and customizing Windows Terminal, set up for Git version control, code editing and debugging using the VS Code remote server, good practices for file storage, setting up a database, mounting an external drive, setting up GPU acceleration, and more.

Now running wsl npm init from Powershell will run the npm init command in Debian. Learn more in the guide to Basic commands for WSL. New Linux installations, installed using the wsl –install command, will be set to WSL 2 by default.


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