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Product is rated as #14 in category Dedicated Server

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  • Phone: +49 89 3564717 70
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  • Address: Aschauer Straße 32a 81549 Munich Germany
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    Server Locations Missouri, United States, Munich, Nuremberg, Germany
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    8.9/10 (Expert Score)
    Product is rated as #14 in category Dedicated Server
    Contabo was founded in Germany in 2003. They focus on web hosting strategies as well as web hosts with a commitment to consistent and excellent quality.
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    About Contabo

    Contabo was developed around three basic concepts focusing on its customers: discounted cost, instant solutions as well as customized attention.

    Next, we’ll take a look at Contabo’s main offerings, especially with the most popular hosting plans like VPS, as well as dedicated web servers, shared ownership, and domain name registration. .

    Why we choose Contabo

    Their service is dedicated to blog owners, online company owners and affiliate websites, everyone can find the web hosting they require.

    With 2 server clusters in the US and Germany, they want to drive user experience in these regions at a reasonable cost. Contabo offers shared ownership, VPS as well as dedicated servers, and each of those solutions has several strategies to choose from.

    Contabo offers self-installable applications and it is also very easy to operate many websites like WordPress with the built-in cPanel program.

    You certainly don’t need to worry about traffic because they offer unlimited per plan, for any hosting strategy offered.

    The basic purpose of the Contabo control panel is to facilitate the administration of servers as well as websites. Likewise, Contabo offers “Site Homepage Builder” to create a website, design and customize it in a few taps.

    Contabo Ratings and Attributes

    Domain Name

    It gives you the opportunity to get at least one completely free domain with the purchase of any hosting solution. Contabo provides completely free domain name registration and transfer services.

    You can quickly process your domains using cpanel when you are a customer. Customers can choose to register, transfer or update the domain name.

    Based on the windows registry you selected, many domain registrations and updates are also automatically performed in real time.

    Easy to use

    All strategies have a chance to have a cPanel dashboard. From its useful control panel, you can access a collection of devices made for the Linux operating system, providing the ability to automate keeping tasks through a real user interface. simple.


    They offer more email accounts in their plans than other hosting companies at the same price point.

    The variety of email accounts that you offer depends on the strategy that you have actually purchased.

    It is possible to create sub-accounts for clients and also provides full or minimal access to webmail. It is also possible to create webmail penetration and use communication with mail accounts for industrial purposes.


    Contabo offers data sources in all of its strategies, the number of which will depend on the strategy chosen.

    For the “WebSpace Plan M” strategy, Contabo provides 20 MySQL databases. The “WebSpace Plan L” strategy includes 50 data sources, the “WebSpace Package XL” strategy offers 100 databases, and finally the “WebSpace Plan XXL” strategy offers unlimited databases.

    All data sources are processed on the fly from cpanel.


    Among the benefits it offers is that all of its applications are self-installable.

    In addition, it has a lot of applications in service packages that can be quickly set up to facilitate the work of individuals.

    With Webspace 2.0 Contabo provides 22 groups with more than 250 web applications that can be quickly accessed from the control panel with just one click. Contabo provides automatic open resource installation for customer websites.

    Storage Space

    All of this will definitely depend on the storage capacity of the chosen plan.

    It is really competitive in terms of hosting capacity, specifically in VPS as well as committed servers. Contabo’s hosting plans don’t save space. However, it is possible to get unlimited storage space depending on the plan.

    This allows for enhanced hosting and consumers using VPS or dedicated strategies can choose from 3 cpanel options.

    A shared hosting strategy with 50GB of storage can be obtained, however 500GB can be included with the more expensive plan.

    HDD and SSD storage are also offered in Contabo’s VPS hosting plan. Although there is the least expensive strategy in this category, both disks of storage space can be accessed.

    SSL Certificate

    It provides a chance to get a free SSL certificate for every domain used in any web space strategy. No separate purchase required. This also gets new domains you plan to purchase in the future.

    The technological application of this choice is made possible through the Let’s Encrypt project. SSL certificate creation and recovery works automatically. These certificates are considered reliable for any type of Internet browser, which is important for growing the number of people viewing a website.

    This attribute makes the Contabo web space prepared more attractive.


    It has the ability to perform domain transfers easily with each customer’s account management website.

    To migrate a domain, you need to be a Contabo customer. During the transfer process, the customer will inevitably need to provide an authentication code known as an EPP code, EPP secret, domain trick or verification details. This code is assigned to each domain name individually.

    To initiate a transfer, a verification code is required, which the individual must obtain from the company where the domain is currently hosted.


    With Webspace 2.0 strategy, it is possible to access multiple websites, such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupa, Tupo3, with just one click from the dashboard.

    The installation sequence improves the look and feel as well as allows easy access to any one of your favorite multisite sites like WordPress, without the need to go through the setup process of individual scripts.

    As a result, setup is safe and fast without the need for expert understanding of performances. The most novelty and also the most realistic is that it is currently in any of the plans that come up.

    High quality support

    Technical support by phone 365 days a year as well as cpanel for website handling. It also has a forum of individuals who can seek advice from each other as well as leave doubts.

    The tech support and focus is efficient and there is virtually no wait time. Contabo technical support solves problems with a booking system that guarantees resolution in one hour as well as problem resolution in two days. Check-in hours are limited.

    Individuals generally agree that the tech support is outstanding, not only because of the high quality of the service technicians but also the speed at which their issues are resolved.

    Some of the individual responses pointed to the lack of real-time chat for real-time troubleshooting. Contabo’s website offers some easy-to-follow instructions.

    What solutions does Contabo provide

    Contabo offers the following solutions:

    Dedicated Web Host:

    offers a choice of 6 dedicated web hosts that can be personalized prior to acquisition, outlining requirements in the order. Linux and Windows operating systems are also available with RAID storage space.

    VPS Servers:

    offers 2 types of VPS web servers: the regular one with SSD booster and the other with SSD only. All VPS strategies include: Linux or Windows, root access, ability to restart the interface, access to manage system operation and setup, VNS accessibility, 1 IP address dedicated, admin DNS, loads of domains.

    Shared accommodation:

    deals in shared accommodation through 4 “web space” strategies. Each one of them comes with a free SSL certificate, access to multiple sites like WordPress, Joomla, Typo3 as well as Magneto, plus over 250 self-installable web apps and protection against malicious actors. DDoS attack.
    Domain Name Registration: offers over 300 domain name extensions and it can also be feasible to register a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name to another business, if the customer is already a consumer. All domains have a control panel for their customers and it is easy to develop and upgrade various DNS documents.

    How to set up Contabo for your website

    To set up Contabo on your website, you need to follow these actions:

    – Set up items to buy
    – Create an account with the customer’s personal details
    – Your order

    Preliminary repayment
    Depending on the contracted solution, installation can take only a few hours or as much as a day or three as in the case of a Dedicated Web server.

    If you have any questions during the installment process, which is usually the case, simply call Contabo technical service. They will certainly give you feedback from the many methods provided.

    You can make an appointment by phone for guidance at any time during the service installation process. This way, the first setup procedure, which can sometimes be a bit heavy, is made easier by a Professional Accountant.

    If you have any form of uncertainty that is not too urgent, you can also contact this provider via email. From here, they will provide you with developed as well as written answers to your problems. Don’t stress, all the steps of the installation process appreciate the efficient support and assistance as well.

    Ads and rates


    Contabo is defined by bringing in a large number of customers at a really low cost. The cost is extremely affordable, especially for their committed web hosting and VPS strategy.

    The price range of shared hosting plans “WebSpace Plan” from 2.99 euros per month, with 4.99 euros monthly, 7.99 euros monthly to 9.99 euros monthly for the most complete plan. These costs do not include WIN.

    Prepared VPS servers range in cost from 3.99 euros per month to 26.99 euros per month depending on the purchased functions. Dedicated web hosting strategies range from 49.99 euros monthly to 109.99 euros per month.

    The term of the agreement is one year. Continuous discounts are valid.


    Depending on the selected web server version as well as the selected recruitment period, Contabo uses a single discount at the time of employment with.

    This discount rate can be a full month’s coverage of the solution received, for example, when the server’s X plan contract is committed.

    No extra charges for endless traffic. 100 Mbit/s can be used without restrictions on transmission capacity.

    Currently, you can get around 20% discount when working with dedicated web hosts as well as get an extra 10% discount when renting for 1 year of service.

    Contabo Archive’s Perspective.

    The customer’s opinion is usually positive and they are satisfied with the service provided.

    Many individuals have highlighted occupancy rates and the particular focus of technical support. For example, they highlight the ability to access movements to more capable web servers and resolve the situation in less than 24 hours.

    Other individuals commented in their opinion that it offers clear pricing and the treatment is impeccable and also clear.

    Among the recommendations that emerge from user comments is that they allow for a much longer internet conversation or customer service period.

    Verdict regarding Contabo Host.

    Without a doubt, Contabo is a good choice when choosing a company for small projects that want significant growth, however same for large jobs because of the quality of VPS and dedicated servers .

    All services are upgraded and also provide a really easy to use cpanel that doesn’t require much knowledge either.

    I rely on the services of professionals, who

    Specification: Contabo


    2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 6 Core, 8 Core, 10 Core, 16 Core, 32+ Core

    Disk Space

    50GB SSD, 100GB SSD, 150GB SSD, 200GB+ SSD

    Disk Type


    Included Promo

    Free CDN, Free Domain, Free Migration/Transfer, Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Builder

    Memory (RAM)

    4GB, 8GB, 10GB, 16GB, 20GB, 24GB, 30GB, 32GB, 48GB, 60GB, 64GB

    Security Features

    Automatic Site Backup, Ddos Protection, SSH Access, Two-Factor Authentication, Virus & Malware Protection

    Server locations

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